Fri · 17.06.22 · 23:59 Uhr

Dark Ceremony

DARK CEREMONY curated by Anachron Circle, DURCH and SUBVERTED

ANACHRON CIRCLE was founded to break common habits in the Berlin Party Scene: In Symbiosis of DarkPsy(trance) and Techno we melt together, sharing a temporary inner Utopia far beyond materialism, selfishness, and a neo-liberal driven status quo. In dark ceremonies, we create a space where we can internalize the rapture of losing ourselves in repetitive beats, exchanging our thoughts and feelings far away from hierarchical boundaries or just dance like nobody is watching.
DURCH is a queer collective with a clear vision of solidarity and community building. DURCH operates in Tel Aviv and Berlin trying to bring queer people together, building a culture of inclusion, diversity and tolerance. In the tradition of original raves DURCH organizes solidarity events ranging from parties, to art and community events, with the strong belief that raves are a much needed place for people to come together, celebrate their diversity and learn to respect each other. Musically DURCH is eclectic inspired by hardcore, straight forward techno, ghetto and scouse house and 90s acid.
SUBVERTED is a queer label focusing on hard industrial techno with influences by dark ambient, noise, EBM and hypnotic techno. SUBVERTED is curating queer parties with equally queer line-ups, showcasing non-binary, trans and female identifying DJs and producers focusing on dark, harsh, athmospheric and texturised sounds. The intention is to lead the scene back to its roots of resistance, diversity and social justice. We stand in resistance to the personality cult and intend to put the focus back on music and community building.
Together, we’re curating a DARK CEREMONY with Dark Industrial Techno, Dark Ambient & Noise and Dark Psychedelic Trance.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination and reserve the right to exclude participants from the event if necessary.
Respect people’s pronouns and gender identity. Ask for pronouns, do not assume.
An Awareness Team will be present at the party.
The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Sonar - SAFER USE info desk from 2-6 am.

Box Office only.
We believe partying should be accessible to all. If you are unable to afford the entrance fee, please reach out to us for reduced or free entry.

GIARudras Anathema [Anachron Circle] • giulia_S S S S [aufnahme+wiedergabe, Haunter Records] • Sasha [Quintessence] • Ma Čka [Mekanikal Bloodshed] • Yons [Quintessence] • OAKE [47, SNTS Records] • Hybral [DURCH , Subverted] • Tot Onyx / group A [Mannequin Records] • Mutaro [Deviant Force] • Fluid [Subverted] • Alie [Subverted, Lime Lodge] • Xulux [Feel Nature] • Chlamydia [Subverted] •

Artwork by Alex Ortiga https://www.alexortiga.com