Sat · 23.11.19 · 23:59 Uhr

Holy Mountain

In the film The Holy Mountain (1973), a character named The Alchemist says, "We began in a fairytale and we came to life, but is this life reality? No. It is a film. Zoom back camera." And then zoom back further and you'll see the audience, made up of of people who are unaware you're even there. And then pan away from that, to the back door to the cinema. Take it down the fire escape, step outside, wander around the unexplored avenues of the live, unedited world. The best things happen offstage, away from the camera's gaze.

Come to this 360-degree spectacle of sight and sound and you might just find that fairy tales are closer to the truth than anything recorded on celluloid. There is still plenty of space between each frame for magic to happen.