Fri · 08.11.19 · 23:55 Uhr

Destination Anywhere

Imagine a world where the sorts of things that you care about are depicted on the TV: protests, ideals, visions, yes, but also your humour and creativity, your rainbow of relationships and fantasies... all unified with others by compassion and concern. One has to wonder why these things aren't depicted on the 'real life' TV as often as they exist in real life... but one can always choose to see the world from within the compassionate, colourful mass instead of from outside it.

The Love Foundation brings people like this together through its concept and its sound, but you won't find its sound in any write-up: it has to be heard. A compelling, cogent pick-n-mix of the sonic movement as a whole, it's good enough to compete with nights by this city's more niche labels. Think Space terrace at dawn circa 1993, where mixmasters pinpoint all the right moments in the infinity of faces gathered there.

Think of a swanky, spacey disco rave that sees you dancing in your fluffy underthings until daylight splashes through tinted cracks in the wall. Think of deliciously fresh house music that makes you sit down and wonder where you have been 'til just now. Think opening your eyes first thing in the morning to flooding moments of consciousness, whole and undivided. Then think of telling everyone you know (your parents included) to join you, 'cos it's open doors night at the global underground.