Sat · 02.11.19 · 18:00 Uhr


An der Oberfläche wird es langsam kalt und dunkel - Spaceship taucht ab und erkundet unentdeckte Welten. Begleitet uns auf unserem intergalaktischen Tauchgang!

Spaceship keeps going from strength to strength as it returns to re-tune our club, once again. This night's theme of "Disco * Acid * Metal" gets the gears spinning again for the yearly grind. Acid techno stalwart Tanith will hook you up to the Cyber era via a steely selection of tunes from the far out 1990's on... and on. There will be a plucky disco tech set by DJ Supermarket and more turbulent acts to follow. In between sets, dumpster dive into Czentrifuga's room and find raw materials to dress your vessel with: they have creative recycling, silkscreening and more party vibes from DJ Ben.

As always, there will be a free wheelchair shuttle from Landsberger Allee station to the club. Please write to spaceship@menschmeier.berlin to ride the cosmos with us!

Es gibt einen kostenloses Rolli-Shuttle vom SBahnhof Landsberger Allee ins Meier. Schreibt bitte an spaceship@menschmeier.berlin wenn ihr mitfahren wollt.

Gleich im Anschluss: Shnek meets friz!