Fri · 01.11.19 · 23:00 Uhr

Mensch Möhre

The Wilde Möhre is an annual, August festival with forest gods, phoenixes, babblers and other enchanting creatures from new and old fables.

Their style is so lush that, even online, one can hear the chirping of crickets and swaying of trees between the beats of the DJ sets.

Crafting a summer atmosphere inside of the club, Mensch Möhre offers stomping tunes with a sensitive touch. Acts will range from the trance-y Dritte Raum, to stage diving disco by the 10 Mark DJ Team, to head-rushing trance by Mehr ist Mehr and perky beats by Somewhere Else Tomorrow. This one will leave you feeling as peaky as a sunny day. Welcome back to the Great Indoors!