Sat · 03.03.18 · 23:00 Uhr

Zusammen Auf! #7

Zusammenhangslos kommt daher das Sachen zusammen getan werden, die irgendjemensch nicht zusammen tun würde.

Wir bekämpfen diese Vorurteile! Live Bassmucke hier, dort drüben feinster Techno. Feuertonne und Downbeat. Jam Session im Wagen.

Verrückte Putzen im Club. Und ne Prinzessin als Runnerin. Obendrauf 5 Jahre Tour de Farce!

Hier tanzt die Bärin und steppt der Wolf. Hier wird die Fünf zur graden Zahl…

Also auf zum nächsten Dessasteur im Mensch Maleur!


is a Warsaw-based DJ and live performer. She is a resident of infamous label/parties Brutaż and a co-founder of Oramics - project aiming to empower women in electronic music. In her expressive DJ sets and raw distorted live acts she oscillates around techno, EBM and experimental music. Her other project - Try - premiered at 2017 Unsound Festival contains inspirations from both folk and 80s industrial.

Projekt Gestalten

Pornceptual resident DJ and VRAAA Records founder, Berlin-based Brazilian Diego Garcia, questions gender values related to electronic music.With her feminine project, The Princess of Death, she explores more corrosive and industrial textures commonly associated with patriarchal values. With his masculine project, Projekt Gestalten, its the melodic, emotional and harmonic sounds often associated to matriarchy that takes the lead.

La Fraicheur: For
over a decade now, first in Paris, then Montreal and now in Berlin, La Fraicheur has been making a name for herself with her signature sound of emotionally charged powerful Techno sets. Marathon DJ, resident in Berlin’s renowned Wilde Renate, member of Female:Pressure, she also produces her own music ranging from ravy epic Techno to dark pumping Electro, spacious open air Deep House to melancholic Electronica and spent the summer of 2017 doing an artist residency with the Berlin-Detroit Connection (organisation founded by Mike Banks (UR) and Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor)) at the Underground Resistance HQ in Detroit, working on her first solo Techno album.

The junk-E-cat is a Berlin based pet / monster / beatsmith, creating and producing his music on the fly and in realtime. Equipped with a mask, a onesie, a maschine and a bunch of reed instruments, junk-E-cat plays with an electro-acoustic sound, merging different genres and techniques like live looping, finger drumming, horn arrangements and soloing. – Just another guy with a mask.