Fri · 23.06.17 · 18:00 Uhr

Arab* Wunderground #2 presents:Joined Female Forces

5 geld vor, 10 geld nach 22 Uhr.

This is the 2nd ARAB* UNDERGROUND event at Mensch Meier. In 2017 we face heavy political disruptions and societal tensions. That's why we do not only create a party with beautiful encounters through exceptional musicians from allover the globe, but also want to reflect in two panels the diverse political and artistic struggles for emancipation, social justice and a diverse, open society. With the focus on „JOINED FEMALE FORCES“ as part of „NÄCHTE DES RAMADAN“ we invite empowering female artists live on stage, behind the mixer and in talks. Thank you for supporting this Piranha Arts and Musicboard Berlin! Moreover the UNFRAMED project is curating an exhibition.

PANEL I: „Dafür statt Dagegen – Mit radikaler Höflichkeit für eine offene Gesellschaft eintreten.“ KÜBRA GÜMÜSAY, PAULINA FRÖHLICH & DR. LAURA SOPHIE DORNHEIM.

PANEL II: „Staying in Power: Women's »Diversity« in Music Representation.“ DEENA ABDELWAHED, GÜLIN MANSOUR, JAMILA AL-YOUSEF & ANNA ANTONAKIS.