Fri · 09.09.16 · 23:00 Uhr

PHöNIX // 01 Art Techno Extravaganza


The fabulous bird of the oriental tradition or the 90´s actor who died of a speed-ball overdose in L.A.? The Order of the Phoenix or the NWO? Oh no, don´t tell me! the 90´s french band…could be…esotheric stuff…yes, this too…uhm…what else?

Instead of super-star dj’s, support your local idols

Instead of shopping, begin to do it by yourself…

Instead of drugs you can buy art (or both).

Instead of nonsense music, let´s dance and dance and dance!

We support our idea of beauty, also when is a little too weird… don´t leave your attitude at home!

a performer introducing the music, Techno-House-and a decompression room with selected electronics… Live artist and performers, photographers, producers and designers, everyone is invited to do his own thing.