FR · 23.02. · 20:00 Uhr
JUNOON - by La6zi & Arab*Underground
Techno, Arabic Beats, Deep House, Folklore, Electro

JJUNOON. MADNESS. WAHNSINN. Crazy experiences define our current reality. As each one of us experiences this madness differently from our own point of view, we still inevitably intersect with the insanity of others. This is the concept of our party JUNOON. Through crazy talented live performers and mad good DJs from the depths of the global urban underground - lets get crazy together dealing with questions of rebellion against repression and to promote ongoing struggles against social injustice. Together we want to break borders and create meaningful encounters--thoughtful reflections of joy with exceptional artists. Brought to you by La6izi Community and the Arab*Underground: La6izi Community is a Bremen based group of Syrians with shared interests, spreading culture and underground music. Through music we try to create spaces of intercultural exchange that promotes discussion, solidarity, and political engagement. The Arab*Underground is a Berlin based collective of artists, activists, and intellectuals providing a platform for engagement and encounters through interdisciplinary events featuring music, art, panels and more.


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