Fr · 22.09. · 23:59 Uhr · 12geld
Gradient Nights
Label Night
Techno, House, Drone

Ranging between Pulsating Techno with a driving Hypnotic Workout, Live Experimental/Drone Sounds and Underground House & Disco Grooves, Gradient Nights create a sound space interplay of triple dimensions incorporating live Visuals that merge sound, space, light and body. By inviting International Artists & Local Heroes, we clearly identify our musical vision: Staying True to the Underground. Simultaneous Label Release Party for GRA001.

JUHO KUSTI, Deep Space Helsinki, Berlin/Helsinki · JAMAICA SUK, Gradient, L.a.g., Pornceptual, Berlin/SF · REKA ZALAN, Mensch Meier, Berlin · GUADA FK, Bang The Box, New York/SF · PETER KIRN Live!, Establishment, Berlin · LAURA DE VASCONCELOS, Pornceptual, Zona, Berlin/Brazil · ERIC JÄÄHALLI, Live!, ICIF, Börft Records, Berlin/Sweden · ANDERS HELLBERG, Wunderblock Records, Berlin/Sweden · BEST INTENTIONS, Berlin · Visuals: NIKOLOZKA (Delusion)