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Vom 09. bis 15. August 2021

„Schlimmer gehts iMMer!“
MM Sonderplenum

Dieses Wochenende: Rythmen der Afro-Diaspora und ein Queer-Feministischer Auftakt

Sat · 14.08.21 · 14:00 Uhr


  • House
  • Techno

Archiving Culture(s) - which narratives write (club culture) history? (German spoken language)

Emergent Bass, the new interdisciplinary event series at Mensch Meier enters its second round!
We want to connect to the history of Black and Queer people who have long celebrated the dancefloor as places of resistance.
Through music, input and performances, we want to pay respect to those whose stories are too often not heard in the mainstream.
House and techno music were born in Black and queer communities that used the dancefloor as a place for collective healing.

Trauma inscribes itself in our bodies and with dance and movement we can rebalance and rebuild.
We use archives on subculture to uncover the Afro-Diasporic roots of house, techno and bass music.
If you love underground club culture but are unclear about its origins, then you've come to the right place.
With a focus on bass music and Afro-diasporic rhythms, we want to celebrate the second edition.

Corona Rules:
the event will be at the outdoor space of @menschmeierberlin
• Entry with a fresh negative Corona-test (no self test) or if fully vaccinated or recovered.
• Please bring your FFP2 masks
• Dancing is allowed!

Accessibility: The panel will be held in German spoken language. A transcript might follow and will be shared online afterwards.
Mensch Meier has an awareness team on site and is designed to be barrier-free and wheelchair accessible.

Emergent Bass is funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur & Europa Berlin.
Artwork by @afromisu See less


Sun · 15.08.21 · 14:00 Uhr


queer feminist party & content curated by Nɨxe and Gina Sabatini

Die Veranstaltung findet im Außenbereich des Mensch Meier statt.
• Zutritt nur mit tagesaktuellem negativen Schnelltest ("Bürgertest" - kein Selbsttest!) oder vollständig geimpft oder genesen.
• Bringt eure FFP2 Masken mit!
• Es darf getanzt werden!


Veranstaltungsort ohne Platz für Sexismus, Rassismus,
LGBTIQA+phobie und anderes diskriminierendes Verhalten.

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