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For us in Mensch Meier Awareness is a basic principle for interaction between people. That’s why we aim to create a space where people see, appreciate and meier each other. Nevertheless, and because Mensch Meier is a mirror of the society we live in our guests and us are confronted with behaviour that is assaulting and overstepping boundaries of other people. We know we are a part of the world that we criticize – and therefore her problems are also a part of us. But that’s no reason to become desperate. It is a reason to get active.

We have worked a lot on this concept and idea and together with our coorperating partners and our security team we were and are constantly trying to let Mensch Meier be such a place of awareness.

Additionally, with the help of our awareness team being present at our events, we want to offer support if and when assaults, sexualised violence or discrimination have taken place. All the while, it remains a task for us all to treat each other with respect and with care, no matter whether we party or work, inside or outside of Mensch Meier.

Do you need help?

In case of an situation of assault, discrimination, violence and overstepping of boundaries the awareness team is supporting the affected person and represents their interests. You alone define what is good and okay for you– and what is not! If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation or notice anything unusual, talk to us at any time! Don’t be afraid of using this service! We all benefit from becoming more aware with and about each other - during parties but also in our daily life.

What we cannot do:

We are there in the acute situation, we are your first contact when a situation has happened where your own boundaries were violated. We cannot and do not conduct any further consultations or any long-term support for the person(s) who are affected or for the person(s) who is(are) causing the violation. Our work is (mostly) limited to the nightlife and the club. Furthermore, we want to help you to get home safely. We also share information about other organisations and persons that can offer counsel and advice on various topics if you wish to.

How to catch our awareness team

We are with you at the party and can be directly called via our stuff at the door, the bar, the kiosk and the cloakroom.

If you want you can write us.