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B-Lage und Mensch Meier Statement

Joint statement of B-Lage Neukölln and Mensch Meier:

Dearest guests, friends and supporters,

Like many other places, the B-Lage has become quiet. But that does not mean that nothing happens

We have a long dry spell behind us, despite full refrigerators, which we would not have survived without you.

You are unbelievably great and give us the feeling that we have done a lot of things well in the last 13 years - by far not everything, of course - because we have also learned a lot over the years.

Your messages have made tears roll out of our eyes and your continuous offers of support have shown us how great people are there around us.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you!

We also dont want to keep you from knowing what is happening behind the closed doors of the B-Lage:

During the negotiations for the upcoming extension of the lease contract, it looked for a long time as if we would not be able to agree with the landlord - not only, but especially about the amount of rent. We were shocked: Everything was at stake, because that would have meant the certain end.

But alls well that ends well: long negotiations, the acceptance of change and in the end also concessions from the landlord bore their fruit and we were able to secure this place for another 10(!) years!!!!

From these developments, but also from the standstill in the lockdown, other dynamics have also developed:

Because after well over a decade of pub marathons, some of us developed a desire for change and to create something new. Others are motivated to turn on the tap for you again soon...

To make all this possible, change is needed. Because one thing is clear: More leftist spaces must not disappear from Berlins scene!

The new and yet old hands that will complement, polish up and shape the B-Lage are part of the Mensch Meier collective, to whom we now hand over the floor:

"As people who are involved in shaping this place, we too want to say thank you.

Thanks to the great 13 years of B-Lage, in which we were allowed to sit in front of the bar many a time or enjoy the Küfas of friendly crews here and be inspired by the political input and the get-together.

Now we step to the other side of the bar and of course we will also bring change. But what is most important to us is to maintain a left-wing place in the heart of Rixdorf/Neukölln. All those who want to stay on board, you will still be able to meet here.

We will keep you updated as we bring the pub through the (hopefully) last foothills of the pandemic. We look forward to traveling together."

By the way, on the last weekend of June, the old familiar B-Lage will once again be turning on the tap and pushing brews and shots over the bar... but more on that soon... just keep it free!

We look forward to YOU