Fr · 19.04. · 18:00 Uhr
Sound System Culture: On the Radical Roots of Rave
Roots/Dub, Bass, Techno, Hardtek

Understanding the sound system as a social space, we want participants of different genres (from dub to techno) to gather and exchange. In a colourful program of exhibitions, live-performance, workshops, talks and music Berliners and international artists are entering into a dialogue and are actively shaping the event.


EXHIBITION: · David Riley, Jamaica, Photos & Content: Roots of Sound System Culture · Ed Twist, Großbritannien: UK Sound Systems of the 90ies · TALK: · He Zhao, Beijing/China: Revolutionary essence of social dance · Bianca Ludewig, Berlin/Germany: Gabber, Hardcore & The Fuckparade · Stef the Cat, Berlin/Germany: Kuduro and the Animador · Felicitas Engelmann, Vienna/Austria: Techno, Rave & Psychoanalyse · Lukas Jakob Löcker, Linz/AT: Musique Concrète Jungle - Spatial Delivery Research · WORKSHOP: · Meetup, Berlin/Germany, FLTI Workshop · E.L.L.I, Berlin/Germany, Listen! - Material and Loops · A/V SYNTH PERFORMANCE: Saou Tanaka & Kevin Koen, Leipzig, Germany · LIVE: · Jah Forcefield aka Bademah & Zentash Gigawatt, (BA) · DJ: · Jahminta Zulu, Berlin/Germany · DJ.Pult , do not dance, Berlin/Germany · Chantal, Berlin/Germany, Cyberrise · Spiriel, Berlin/Germany · One Woman Army in Dub, Berlin/Germany · Harlekin Sound, Hamburg/Germany, Harlekin Sound · Jukebox Utopia, Berlin/Germany · Mila Chiral, Berlin/Germany · Feli Concat, Vienna/Austria · Gretchen Bazooka, Vienna/Austria · more T.B.A. · VJ: · Flimmerkiste, (Berlin)