Do · 29.03. · 23 Uhr
Sick Picnic
Sick Rave

After a few years of raving in the dark it's time to introduce our crew and celebrate this occasion with a sick picnic. We invited legends, heroes and residents and we can't wait to get sick together, at our favorite location.


DMX Krew (live) (Breakin' / Rephlex / UK) · Hanno Hinkelbein (KilleKill / UK) · Foxdye Live (Death$ucker Records / USA) · Lukes Anger Live (Bonus Round / UK · ) Miriam Schulte (Mother's Finest) · Purita D (KilleKill) · Terrorythmus (Latenz / Bremen) · Serge Geyzel (Mindwaves Music) · Duran Duran Duran (Cock Rock Disco) · Por.No (Hangar) · Mars Leder (Terrarista Tribe / SickCrew) · Mr Beef (Resistant Mindz / Leipzig) · Stonaz (Sick Crew) · Hannes Beilstein (Sick Crew) · Doretta Baretta (Terrarista Tribe / Sick Crew) · Sick Picknick