Fr · 06.04. · 23:59 Uhr
Berlin Invasion XXI w/ The Horrorists
Rave, Techno, Dark

The legend of one night in New York, the Horrorist arrives at Berlin Invasion supported by resident DJs of Dresden’s Sektor So - Evolution with the analog Live-Set of Ch1P (beside project of Party mit Format c:) and Tim B, theater and rauberhole with a female international hub of DJ*s supported by Futurisms. Don’t miss the last chapter before the summerbreak!


THE HORRORIST, Things to Come [New York] · CH1P (live*), Sektor Evolution Dresden [Dresden] · MIT B, Sektor Evolution Dresden [Dresden] · KONIK POLNY, Berlin Invasion [Madrid] · GROOVE DANIEL, Berlin Invasion [Berlin] · GIORGIO SUPERMAN, Berlin Invasion [Rome] · PURITA D, KilleKill [Berlin] · FELIDAE, Van Liebling rec [Berlin] · URI, futurisms [Berlin] · DIEGO K (live*), Kädek [Berlin] · ISA BASSI, [San Paolo] · NEREA, [Brooklyn] · BADKAT, [Berlin] · VJ CLAER, Berlin Invasion [Berlin] ·