Fr · 11.05. · 23:59 Uhr
Techno, House, Elektro, Ambient & Chill Out

× Shitlabel × is faceless while we keep our head up. is ice- cream dripping down your chin seated under a shady pine tree. is an opportunity; deem or dream. we love humans and animals of all kinds, plants are the real shit! we distribute love, music, parties and the fun in it. it’s about the nitty-gritty: the now and the endlessness – blended into our natural surroundings you can fade in or out. feel human, be the diverse version of your- self and breathe. listen to techno, house or hip hop & dub and choose your poise. transform – mutate – regain. of course we know the mates. but we are in it for the sound and to support a lifestyle which we have chosen for ourselves. our reference is our youth, our childhood on the beat. × is nest shit since 2005 × stay soft ♥ beat hard × stay shit.


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